light on mood - 2017

An exhibition of oil paintings exploring the theme of light and how it can affect our mood.

Light has the power to lift us up or bring us down.  In its presence, we feel warm and elated. Its absence can make us feel cold and insecure. Softly balanced, it has the power to offer us calm and contentment.  Inspiration for this new series of abstract work comes from the West of Ireland where the beauty of the landscape is identified by the unique colour combinations and rich tonal values seen as rapid mood changes occur in the ever-changing light.  

August 10th - 20th, 2017

Watergate Theatre & Bosco's Café, Parliament Street, Kilkenny

why untitled?

I want these paintings to appear abstract. Although I may have taken influence from various sources and landscapes there is no subject or context. For this reason, I have not titled these works. In this way, I hope the viewer can look at each piece singularly and have the freedom to reflect on how it makes them feel without being influenced by the title

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